Litchfield Cemeteries

Map Of Litchfield Cemeteries


Harriman Cemetery Transcription


Excavation Of Berry Cemetery Jack Cemetery Grave Stone Inscription
Plains Cemetery


Plains Cemetery


The Plains Cemetery

Plains Road


North Cemetery

North Litchfield Cemetery

Hallowell-Litchfield Road, near intersection of Route 126


Ring Cemetery

Thorofare Road

Ring Cemetery Diagram


Robinson Cemetery

Upper Pond Road

Robinson Cemetery Diagram



John and Sarah Harris

Off the Stevenstown Road



Grant Cemetery

Grant Cemetery

Pine Tree Road


Woodbury - Goodwin Cemetery

Woodbury - Goodwin Cemetery

Whippoorwill Road

Woodbury Cemetery

Woodbury Cemetery

In the woods off Pease Hill Road
 near the junction of Town Farm Road, Monmouth

Smith - Buker Cemetery

The Smith - Baker Cemetery

Behind the Middle School on the Richmond Road (Route 197)


Libby Cemetery

The Libby Cemetery

One single stone near the Smith - Baker Cemetery

Purgatory Tomb

Purgatory Cemetery


Purgatory Burying Ground

In the woods near the intersection of the Hallowell-Litchfield Road and Neck Road