Tozier Family


Tozier Family Photo

This photograph was taken about 1923, four generations of Tozier's

Front row, left to right:

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Tozier, wife of Andrew Jackson Tozier, Civil War hero, mother of Andrew Tozier (back row); Sophia Tozier, wife of Andrew Tozier (back row), mother of Raymond Tozier (back row); Helen Tozier (now Helen Allen), daughter of Raymond; Lyndall Tozier, Helen's sister; Abbie Tarr, mother of Alice Buker Maxwell (back row).

Back row, left to right:

Laura Thelma Tozier, wife of Raymond, mother of Lyndall, Helen, and Dorothy; Dorothy Tozier, about one year old; Raymond Tozier, son of Andrew and Sophia Tozier; Lucille Tozier Betts, daughter of Andrew  and Sophia Tozier, sister of Raymond Tozier; Andrew Tozier, son of A.J. and Lizzy Tozier; Alice Buker Maxwell, mother of Laura Thelma Tozier, daughter of Abbie Tarr. 



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