Litchfield Academy Students


Biennial Reunion - August 14, 1924


Litchfield Sodalite - 1924


Litchfield Academy

Litchfield Academy


Ernest Tupper, Principal Litchfield Academy

Ernest Tupper, Principal

Ernest was a Colby graduate and became a member of the Shiloite group in Durham. A very high principled man with a quick temper if he detected anything he thought was wrong.

source: Mitchell family album


Litchfield Academy Students C1916


source: Elenora Noyes

Litchfield Academy Class Of 1897

Class Of 1897


Class Of 1922

Class Of 1922

Front Row L-R: Marion Seaman (Woodbury), O. Kenneth Berry, Lorine Rogers (Brown)
Back Row L-R: Carol Kelley, Evelyn Small (Jones), Donald Fish, George Marshall Rogers


1922 Debating Team

1922 Debating Team
Far left standing: George Rogers
far left sitting: Lorine Rogers



Report Card - Alice Wyman

Alice Wyman's Report Card


Receipt For Litchfield Academy

Receipt For Fall Term


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